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Plant Medicine – Aromatherapy – a Blend of Art and Science – the Use of Essential Oils

shop aromatherapy productsThe Ancient art, today known as “Aromatherapy” — the medicinal use of  the essential oils obtained from plant material,  is nothing new to mankind.   It has been used since the beginning of time.  People and nature were one.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the early chemists used the essential oils to establish the molecular structure in nature, and infact received Nobel Prizes for their work. — it is only recently in this past century, due to man’s desire to own  The revival of the medicinal use of essential oils (for that is truly what they are —  essential) is growing.  The oils speak to us , they support us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Each oil is a vibrational hologram, contributing to the health and well being of each person in its own right.  When blended with other oils, a new oil is created vibrationally to resonate specifically for  that individual.

School of Essential Oils Studies 

— Teaching Platform

Aromatherapy –  Basic Level 1

Course Description:   Two 2-day workshops to provide an overview for creating a safe and effective aromatherapy practice. These workshops are a great introduction to the course and training program. Students can choose to come for just Level 1 for an introduction to essential oils and then continue to Level 2 as they are ready to explore the practice of aromatherapy on a deeper level.

Entry level course to begin aromatic exploration in a safe and efficacious manner for professional or home use. Topics covered include:

  • Intro to Aromatherapy
  • Brief History
  • What Are Essential Oils
  • Basics of Distillation
  • Physical Effects of Essential Oils
  • Treatment Methods and Application (Bath and Body)
  • Introduction to Blending
  • Profile of 30 Essential Oils

Appropriate for any experience level. Students will make a massage/perfume blend, bath salt/salt scrub, and room spray/sniffy to take home.

$375 fee includes all materials and a healthy lunch. Class size is limited.

Special:   Receive $50 cash upon first day attendance against fee — or can be used for the purchase of essential oils

Previous students may repeat for 20% off the price of class.

Call to reserve your space :   941-356-7768


Class Date:

                                   June 17th, 18th   9:30 am – 4:30 pm


The Healing Art of Aromatherapy – Plant Medicine

Practical Uses

  • Clinical/ Medical
  • Skin / Hair Care
  • Meditation
  • Pet Care
  • Chakra Balancing
  • PMS
  • Respiratory
  • Massage
  • Custom Perfumes
  • Mothers / Baby
  • Environmental
  • Insect Issues
  • Menopause
  • Digestion
  • Consulting/ Psychology
  • Stress / Relaxation
  • Children
  • Memory / Brain Stim
  • Home care
  • Detox
  • Sleep / Insomnia

Essential Eve Presents – the Aromatic Experience of Plant Medicine

Essential Eve is dedicated to bringing true aromatherapy products and education to the general public, practitioners and educators for personal and therapeutic purposes.

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