Patricia Ann Starr LMT, RA is a nationally registered* aromatherapist with over 600 hours of training and 20 years of practice.  *(ARC #20000006)

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We believe that the Plant Kingdom provides us with aromatic, powerful helpful aids in our health and wellbeing.   In our embracing the healing energy of this precious kingdom, in a balanced and responsible way, we can bring balance to ourselves and our planet.   There is no ONE plant that holds the answer — this is a misguided marketing approach, that will only serve to take us further out of balance.  As much as we love Lavender or Frankincense,  we need to know that there are many others that bring similar healing attributes.  It is our responsibility to learn what the many plants offer, be sure they are harvested responsibly and in a balanced way, so that one community is not wiped out to accommodate a marketing tag.   Learning about the plants is a journey, and an important one.  The concentrated essential oils are just that, and in small quantities are very effective in many ways.   Embrace the learning ….. there is much to be discovered.