PMS BlendDue to the many attributes of the essential oils – being anti-microbial, antiseptic, etc., it is so easy to incorporate essential oils in with many different aspects of keeping up with a home, and providing a healthy environment, as oppose to using caustic chemicals, that will compromise your health, and they health of your children and pets.

It is possible to even use oils that have been around for a long time, that may be dated, and use them up as your cleaning liquid.   Citrus oils, which have a shorter shelf life than others, are particularly useful in this way.   Plus, they still help the home to smell so fresh and clean.   I love using my lemon and orange oils for this purpose, in addition to eucalyptus, as they are such good cleaners and leave such an uplifting scent.

Peppermint and Rosemary are such easy oils to use (be sure that there is no one that has allergies to these oils — sometimes there are those who do have reactions to these oils that can affect breathing etc.  When this happens, just stop using these oils around those people.)  It has been known that ants do not like peppermint, and will often disperse when use, either to drop at the place of entrance, or used as a wipe across counters, or put into a sprayer with water, and sprayed on surfaces.

Lemon on tissues, or soaked in a washcloth and then thrown into the dryer, helps brighten the laundry.  Lavender done in the same way — helps carry that calming action on the sheets for a nice rest.