The Essential Oils of flowers and plants are subtle and esoteric, and at the level of creation — they are profound in our healing journey.   I’ve been so  impressed with the power that the essential oils can evoke to create energetic movement in our beings.

Flowers and plants are carriers of divine energies and reflect a micro cosmos.   You know when the flower gets nutrition – it develops and you can make use of that energy through various processes. Right from the beginning of time, mankind has understood the healing power of plants, flowers and herbs.

To get the finest and most pure energy from the plant and flower it can be put in water to let the sun, moon or some other source of energy infuse it with light.

When different things are emerged, new forms are created. It is MAGIX+C. With the help of water, a flower and light, a healing essence emerges and it enters your body at a cellular level and vibrates to make you more coherent with your higher self.   Thus it is also a tool on your path to inner peace.


An intense development sets off and with the help of the wonderful flower essences we are assisted in our own healing process.


It is like peeling an onion. Layers of old feelings from both this and past lives are slowly dissolved through the flower drops.