Carrier Oils are an important distinction from Essential Oils and Infused Oils.

Essential Oils stand alone — with a very specific distillation process.

Carrier Oils are usually pressed oils — never processed under heat.  They are cold pressed from various nuts, seeds, and other plant products.  Often, carrier oils can play an important role in not just “carrying” the essential oil blend”, but also in penetration for certain skin types, as well as augmenting the efficacy of the essential oil blend.

Common Carrier Oils are:      Almond Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba,

In addition another category is called Infused Oils, which are oils that have  plant material infused in olive oil or other bulk oils.   As the plant material “dies”, its oil sacks get pulled into the medium of the bulk oil.  Examples of these infused oils are:   Arnica Oil, Calendula Oil and St. John’s Wort Oil