Hydrosols  or distillates are a fabulous product, often the “by- product” of the essential oil distillation — and in the past these waters were often just discarded.  The beauty of these distillates is that they not only carry the attributes of the essential oils, but in addition they carry the water soluable contituents that the essential oil does not have.   They are usually gentle on the skin, non-toxic, and gentle on the mucosal tissue.   They can be used in teas, or in water to receive the effects of the plant medicine.  Yes, I did say you can drink these distillates.  I have also used them in aftershaves for men.

Some distillers only distill for the hydrosol — which produces an even gentler and sweeter hydrosol.  We are pleased to be abel to offer hydrosols that are produced low and slow, specifically for the distillate product.   These are some of the best in the industry.

Some of the favorites are:  Rose, Lavender, Frankincense, Neroli Hydrosols

Rose makes a fabulous facial toner.  Frankincense is also great for maturing skin.   And, ah…. Neroli – uplifts our environment so beautiful – often dispelling a sense of depression.  This is just a few of the beautiful ones we carry.

Did you know that rose hydrosol makes a fabulous whipped cream – to use on the delicate dessert items.  It is also widely used in the Middle East.   One must be aware that  hydrosols are NOT flower waters — which often have essential oils added to water.  This is a totally different product, and, thus behaves very differently than the distillate.  In addition, be aware that flower waters can often be products that can be made of and have synthetic product in its make up — not recommended for therapeutic use.

I will often use the hydrosols for drinking in teas and/or waters.  I would never use a “flower water”