The Rose – The Supreme Flower of Enchantment

The lover visible, and the Beloved invisible, whoever saw such a love in all the world

The Rose

Rosea Damascena — the mystic rose — a symbol of the soul since ancient times, the signifier of the Presence of the blessed Mother Mary.  The most precious of all heavenly scents, the glorious Rose enfolds the soul within its own fragrant song, aligning one with the higher angelic realms.  As I work with the sublime yet — pervasive presence of Rose, I feel the exquisite fragrance of the velvety rose calling forth a sense of deeper identity and belonging.  One of the beauties of this fragrance — it often shows up when one feels unloved and isolated.  As she moves with her fragrance, I experience these lonely moments as a point to turn deeply within — she takes me there — I contemplate how is this moment a mirror — to learn a new way of being – and she pulls out a force that calls me into a greater, new way of being, a greater love into my life.  They say… the most meaningful journeys need to be undertaken alone, in a solidary fashion — and yet, that point of quiet isolation brings an alchemy — that transforms my life.  Rose takes me into that refuge — that sanctuary of silence.  I feel it quietly caressing and softening my heart.  The Rose of life and love spirals in fragrant celebration as I embrace the divine Beloved within.  This is the Heart — this is the Divine.  The compassion of the Rose increases my ability of self love and nurturing, restoring trust and love again.

I could go on and on about the attributes of the beautiful flower — I especially like it in my facial lotion that I make — since it is so nourishing, purifying and soothing to the skin, relieving tension, wrinkles and maturing skin.   It is a cell regenerator and moisturizing for all skin types, especially dry or inflamed skin. In terms of Oriental medicine, Rose is cool and moist in nature, clears heat and inflammation, and helps restore the body’s yin energy.  It also helps to regulate the Liver, and stagnant conditions that result in tension, irritability, headaches and constipation.  Rose’s remarkable healing powers extend to the cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous systems, including countering the effects of alcohol and the symptoms of hangover.

Thank God, for the blessed Rose — her gift to us is unimaginable.