Essential Eve’s School of Essential Oils offers: On going Classes and Open Studio Blending is offered in our new location: 1718 Main St. #310, Sarasota, FL  34236

We are currently offering educational classes covering a wide variety of topics in and around Herbalism, which include Aromatic Waters, Creams, Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Blending Essentials, Safe Use of oils for children, Culinary aromatherapy,

We are a school dedicated to providing education, healing services and research in the art and science of Plant Medicine.  Our objective is to empower people, working in partnership with them to encourage their inner healing wisdom.  Aromatherapy is a powerful method to support our body in its healing journey, both for ourselves, our family, our community and our planet.  In this day an age, we are flooded with information – not always the correct, or properly informed.  There are many indicators that are often overlooked and can ultimately cause some challenges, if not properly understood.  The essential oils are powerful, potent medicines, that must be understood along with other modalities and sensitivities.    This education is offered across the board, opened to anyone who may be new to essential oils, or who has used it for a long time.  Whether you are a part of an organization that sells oils, or not, it matters not.  We are not affiliated with any one supplier or label, we are merely dedicated to serving our students and clients with the highest level of education, and the highest level of therapeutic grade essential oils, aromatic oils, tinctures and herbs.